Tinea Versicolor – I Had It, Now I Don’t

by Michael Tibus on May 8, 2012

This is my personal testimonial. I have had tinea verisicolor (tinea) since 1989. I noticed a weird red scaly rash on my upper torso which I never saw before. I went to see a dermatologist and after a 5 minute consultation he says, “Oh, that’s tinea, a yeast infection of the skin. Don’t worry, you just need to take a shower with selsun (selenium) and it will go away.” I was under the impression that the two week usage would do the trick. Little did I know that this tinea rash would be a recurring disorder which would rear its ugly head on a regular basis.

Method Used to Destroy the Tinea Fungus

Honestly, I just got tired of showering with selsun, having to apply, wait 15 minutes, and then scrub it off.  I was pretty much done with trying different products. Over the years a little more body hair has grown over my upper torso and it has covered the affected areas affected by tinea. There was still a little area of the fungus on my lower neck but with a dress shirt, which is required for work, it could not been seen. So I just decided to live with it.

In 2008, I had a friend of mine introduce Immunocal to me. The testimonial he told me about how it helped a leukemia patient opened my eyes to how it could improve the overall health of the body. He explained how it was the best health supplement available in that it was the only product that raised the glutathione level in the body. Glutathione is the key to a strong immune system. If it is at a very low level the immune system is very weak which makes the body vulnerable to diseases and disorders. I never heard anything like this before but the results of raising glutathione to have a strong immune system spoke volumes to me. So I started taking it on a daily basis.

A Blessing in Disguise – My Tinea Vanished

I was already a healthy person and I did not have any physical ailments (besides tinea) that were affecting me. So we come up to the year 2012 and I have been taking Immunocal for the last 3 1/2 years. Meanwhile, during the past 5 years, I became interested in running for exercise; I am currently in training for a marathon. It is very uncomfortable being hairy and having to wear a shirt while running with hair (sorry TMI, I know!). So I decided to shave my body hair off from my upper torso. What I found was pretty exciting, the tinea had vanished. By taking Immunocal on a daily basis, it has effectively raised glutathione in my body. My immune system has repaired my skin by killing this fungus. I did some research and skin disorders like psoriasis and dermatitis are caused by having a glutathione deficiency. The same is true for those who suffer from tinea. Finally, a 100% natural treatment without having to use cumbersome skin medication!

Immunocal Helps Overall Health

I started taking Immunocal because I wanted to have good health. Along the way I have achieved that and because of raising my glutathione level I no longer have tinea because of it. It helps the body kill fungus and since tinea is a fungus it has eradicated it. If you want to improve your health and rid yourself of skin disorders like tinea, then try taking Immunocal. You’ll be happy you did! I know I am.

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